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At Hadleigh Community Primary School Primary Languages is taught by a specialist teacher, Mrs Watts. It is taught as part of a carousel of activities (Music, French and P.E).   In 2010, our Ofsted report recognised this provision as a strength within the school. It was further mentioned in our recent OFSTED report of 2016.

In KS2, the children are taught French.  Pupils receive around 30 minutes teaching per week from Year 3 through to Year 6.  Class teachers ensure another 15 minutes language work per week to meet statutory requirements. Activities include taking the register in a variety of languages, working on the class vocabulary display, counting, etc. French assistants help in each class by making sure the French song of the half-term is sung regularly.

Mrs Watts uses the RIGOLO scheme as the backbone of provision with a huge variety of supplementary activities and resources as appropriate.  This way coverage of curriculum requirements is ensured.

Please see below for the latest updates.

MFL - Frenchman

Linguamarque award!

We are delighted to announce that Hadleigh Community Primary School is now recognised as a Linguamarque Bronze school!

On Wednesday 21st September, Mrs Watts, our Primary Languages Co-ordinator, was visited in school by Dr Marina Dixon, Languages Adviser. 

Her purpose was to inspect the evidence of the Primary Languages provision in school as part of the school’s bid for Linguamarque accreditation. This is a nationally recognized way of showing standards in the subject. 

Dr. Dixon was very supportive and complimentary about the way French is being taught here. 

Many thanks to the children of 5K who worked so hard during the French lesson observed by Dr. Dixon. 


Year 5 Song

Year 5 have been learning a new song that teaches them how to say "Hello" in 16 different languages! Have a listen to it here

Year 5 Spanish Exchange Project!

During the Spring Term 2017, Year 5 have been working on an exchange project with a school in Spain. The name of the school is Escola Pia Sabadell.

This exchange forms part of the ‘International Dimension’ of the Linguamarque Accreditation. 

We were approached last year to take part in this project by the school that has links with the Jacobs family, now part of our school community. Their children attended Escola Pia Sabadell whilst living in Spain. 

Pupils were asked to describe to each other the many traditions surrounding Easter. Whilst Year 5 in Hadleigh wrote about Simnel Cake, we were treated to a master class in how to bake a traditional Mona cake via a video from Spain! 

Our children could see similarities and differences between our 2 cultures. It seems that we both enjoy the Easter egg hunt and egg decorations whilst both cultures enjoy a different dining experience on Easter Sunday. 

Well done year 5 for working so hard on your projects!

We have provided links to the Spanish submissions. Our pupils have been invited to try out some of the recipes at home and provide photo or video evidence. Mrs Watts is always available for tastings!

Year 5 German Lesson

During one of the MFL lessons this term Year 5 were visited by a group of students from Hadleigh High School. They came to teach us some basic German and a great time was had by all. The students came with some marvellous resources and taught numbers, colours, animal names and parts of the body even managing to fit in a game of Twister to the session. 

Everyone really enjoyed the session and picked up the German easily because of the fun activities. Well done and thank you to our High School visitors.

Year 4 French Day

On Tuesday 14th of June Year 4 enjoyed a fabulous day of French activities hosted at Hadleigh High School. Our grateful thanks to all staff and pupils who worked so hard on the day. The children enjoyed a variety of activities including music, history and shopping in a French market. They also bought home French themed cake decorated by their own fair hands! 

"I enjoyed the music especially as we had to translate french colours into music notes" - Jonty.

"I really enjoyed the History because there were loads of activities like memorising and drawing. My group did Norman buildings and made a poster" - Robert.

Here are some photos of the day.

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