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At Hadleigh Community Primary School, science plays an exciting and crucial role in the learning of every child. All teaching follows the National Curriculum and, wherever appropriate, is taught with a cross-curricular approach. However, we recognise that it may not always be possible to link science to topic areas if we are to ensure the required knowledge has been gained. We include practical tasks in our teaching, including science investigations, and learn increasingly challenging scientific vocabulary as the child progresses throughout the school. 

Teaching of the National Curriculum is structured as followed across the school:


Understanding the World.





Key Stage 1 (Year 1 & 2)


  • Animals including Humans
  • Living things and their Habitats
  • Identification and the structure of flowering plants and how seeds and bulbs grow
  • Rocks - comparing and grouping rocks as well as describing fossil formation.
  • Seasonal changes


  • Everyday materials and how they change

Working scientifically to develop investigation skills.

Lower KS2 (Year 3 & 4)


  • Animals including humans
  • Living things and their habitats
  • Life cycles and structure of flowering plants
  • Exploring rocks and fossils.






  • Sound and Light
  • Forces and Magnetism

  • Electricity


  • States of matter

Working scientifically to develop investigation skills.

Upper KS2 (Year 5 & 6)


  • Animals including humans
  • Living things and their habitats

  • Evolution and Inheritance


  • Properties and changes of materials


  • Light
  • Forces
  • Electricity
  • Earth and Space

Working scientifically to develop investigation skills.


Children have learnt to use a range of materials and make fun artefacts, including 'slime', during the new after school STEM club this half term.

Children learning how to create their own windmill using a range of materials and lots of self generated wind power to operate them!

STEM club learning to build electrical circuits when creating vibrating bugs

A Year 3 pupil receiving her prize from the regional STEM co-ordinator,  Mrs.Maloney,  for her Christmas card entry with the Royal Institute of Engineering.

Working with the Royal Institute of Engineering at a STEMFest Enrichment Afternoon


"I loved STEM FEST because of the science experiments, like the experiment where there was an explosion with a generator. My most favourite part was when we learnt about famous scientists and the experiments they did to find out how to generate electricity." - A year 5 pupil

"STEMFEST was the best because I've never done anything like it before. My favorite part was when he made a little bomb explode by using electricity" - A year 5 pupil

"STEMFEST was the best experience of my life because of all the science experiments which were so interesting and cool! The best thing was the experiment with the plasma because I found it really fascinating about how the electricity can go through your body safely." - A year 5 pupil.

To find out further information about the National Curriculums coverage of science please follow the link - https://www.gov.uk/.../national-curriculum-in-england-science-programmes-of-study.

Pupils are encouraged to develop a sense of curiosity for the natural World and challenge their understanding of scientific ideas; this involves harnessing a desire to ask questions, make predictions and observations. During their learning journey, pupils are encouraged to question concepts to help cement their understanding.

In addition to every pupil developing their knowledge of scientific processes, pupils are expected to work scientifically.  They are taught to collect, analyse and present data through investigative skills, e.g. making observations over time. Furthermore, pupil’s research using other sources of information, such as, resource books and the internet.

At Hadleigh, learning is further enriched through the use of our extensive school grounds, as well as through local visits, e.g. Easton Farm Park, Hollow Trees Farm and local river surveying in Bildeston. Learning is also supported through the schools onsite woodland and pond which pupils experience regularly through “Forest School” sessions and its weekly club.

During a pupil’s time at Hadleigh, science is taught in a fun way maximise their learning and enjoyment of this subject.

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