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Our Governors

In striving to provide the best educational opportunities for all the children who attend our school, we are very much aware of the partnership that must exist between parents, teachers and governors. Serving on the Governing Body are nominees of the Local Education Authority, elected representatives from the parents, elected representatives from both teaching and non-teaching staff and co-opted community governors.

Note: Associate Members do not have voting rights.

Chair of Governors

Mrs Mandy Gowers

Vice Chair of Governors

Mrs Karen Murphy & Mr Joel Runnels-Moss

LEA Governor


Co-opted Governors

Mr K Brown
Mr B Clancy
Mrs M Gowers
Mr D Thurkettle


Parent Governors

Mrs L Crawford

Staff Governor

Mrs S Broadbent

Associate Members

Mr A Hunkin
Mr G Talbot
Mrs J Kitchener
Mr C Dadds
Mr G Frost


Mr G Pilkington

Karen Murphy


Term of Office Ends: 10/02/2019

Responsibilities: Member of Personnel Committee; link Governor to music, diversity and inclusiveness, and policy review.

Job: Human Resources Advisor at UK Power Networks.

Parent to: Orla and Dara.

Message to Parents: When my children joined HCPS I began to learn what a wonderful school it actually is. Through volunteering on school trips and such, and more recently through my role as a governor, I have had a wonderful opportunity to gain a real insight into the day to day workings of the school. I have been very moved by what I have seen here; happy children, a great teaching team, and a school that provides a broad range of activities that will support our children to grow and develop into more rounded human beings. The interaction between the school and the outside community has really surprised me and the strength of that relationship really captures the ethos of the school well. I feel very privileged to be involved with our school and my children’s development in this way, and I would strongly recommend any parent to join in in any way you can.

Favourite Children's book: Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson.

Joel Runnels-Moss


Term of Office Ends: 19/07/2020

Roles: Appeals, Budget Setting Committee, Curriculum, Steering Committee

Job: Mortgage Manager Halifax Bank.

Parent to: Amber and Joshua.

Message to Parents: We are lucky to be able to send our children to a school that offers so much, please feel free to join in with activities within the school especially with the extra curricular events, such as the school disco I know the Home School Association (HSA) are always grateful for all the help they can get.

Favourite Children's book: 'Calling all master builders!' By David Fentiman.

Kevin Brown


Term of Office Ends: 31/08/2019

Roles: Budget Setting Committee, Pupil Discipline Committee, Resources, Steering Committee

Job: Chartered Accountant

Parent to: Alexander

Message to Parents: I am lucky enough to have known the school for over 30 years, from when I attended as a pupil. Whilst lots had changed in education since then, a lot of the great things at the school remain the same and are what makes the school such a friendly, supportive and wonderful place to learn in, just as it was back when I attended.

Favourite Children's book: Anything by Roald Dahl.

Brendan Clancy


Term of Office Ends: 31/08/2019

Responsibilities: Chair of Premise Committee. Link Governor to Geography and History 

Job: Company Director - Nova Engineering Limited.

Parent to: Roisin and Aidan.

Message to Parents: My children are and have been very happy at this school and it
does a great job with the resources and funding it has. As with everything these days,
budgets are being squeezed and the school is having to get as much as it can out of its
funding. You may not be aware but Suffolk schools are one of the lowest funded counties
in the country and there is a growing campaign to ensure that Suffolk schools receive the
same funding as other parts of the country. With this in mind, the school does do a
fantastic job of offering the variety of activities and clubs that it does and it is vital that
parentsʼ support continues. Although we are all short of time these days, I would
encourage any parent, grandparent or carer to try and join in where possible. It can be
great fun and very satisfying to see the difference in the children when extra support is
available to help them achieve their potential.

Favourite Children's book: Any Winnie the Witch and Julia Donaldson stories.


Gavin Talbot


Term of Office Ends: 31/08/2019

Roles: Budget Setting Committee, Resources

Job: External Funding Officer - Suffolk County Council.

Parent to: Amelie and Soren.

Message to Parents: I was particularly proud to attend the recent Suffolk Sport Awards where the school won School of Sporting Excellence not because of everything it wins (though it does win a fair bit of silverware) but also because of the effort that goes into ensuring that all the pupils have the chance to be active in a sport or activity that interests them. As a governor it's a privilege to get a greater insight into how hard the school staff work to ensure that pupils have a good education. That doesn't just mean the stuff that happens in class but all the other brilliant opportunities that the school offers from music to PE, after school clubs and much more - what happens in class helps the kids achieve, what happens outside of class time is what makes them love coming to school and learning

My key message to parents would be to say that the staff are always trying really hard to do their best for the pupils and if there is something that is worrying you or you are unsure about how to support your child with their homework or anything else then just ask. Either catch Mr Pilkington in the playground or make an appointment to see your child's teacher

Favourite Children's book: 'The Magic Faraway Tree' by Enid Blyton - loved it as a child, love it as an adult still and now my daughter loves it! For the younger children then anything by Julia Donaldson ('Gruffalo' and much more) or Lauren Child ('Charlie & Lola').

Mandy Gowers

Mandy Gowers

Term of Office Ends: 28/01/2022

Roles: Budget Setting Committee, Curriculum, Hearings, Resources, Steering Committee

Job: Finance Manager at Orwell Housing Association Ltd.

Parent to: Megan and Holly

Message to Parents: I have lived in Hadleigh since the age of 6 and attended HCPS myself. When it was time to consider schools for my eldest child, HCPS seemed the likely choice but we still took our time to consider all options and base our decision on what the school could offer now, and not allow nostalgia and happy memories from 30 odd years ago bias our decision. Much has changed in that time, but what is still inherent in the positive culture and values which runs through the heart of the school and its community. I am happy that my children are part of this, pupils at HCPS do not just learn, but they thrive. The school has so much to offer above and beyond the basic curriculum, and I am privileged to be a Governor of such a wonderful establishment.

Favourite Children's book: The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson, and The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher.

David Thurkettle


Term of Office Ends: 11/11/2022

Roles: Budget Setting Committee, Resources,

Job Title: Police officer with Essex Police

Parent to: Oliver & Samuel

Message to parents: I’m very proud to send my children to this fantastic school. Mr Pilkington and the staffing team do a wonderful job in building confidence and knowledge to all the children. This will undoubtedly set them up for the future. I will be helping with Safeguarding of your children and will do my best to help the staffing team keep them safe at school. Whilst in the police force I have gained specific skills to help with this, and will take all queries very seriously. It's important for all children to feel comfortable to open up about their challenges so the school can help them achieve their best.


Favourite children’s book: Roald Dahl: The BFG

Laura Crawford


Term of Office Ends: 03/2022

Roles: Curriculum, Pupil Discipline Committee

Job: Child and Adolescent Mental Health Nurse

Parent to: Amelia, Jake and Iris

Message to Parents: I feel privileged to have been voted by parents of HCPS into the role of Parent Governor.  Staff at the school work hard to give children wonderful opportunities. I am keen to support staff to do this and to ensure that all children at HCPS flourish both educationally and emotionally.

Favourite Children's book: The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson and Owl Babies by Martin Waddell.

Sheena Broadbent


Term of Office Ends: 29/02/2020

Roles: Curriculum

Job: Teacher

Parent to: Sam and Josh, now adults, who both attended the school.

Message to Parents: I have been a class teacher at HCPS since 1986. Currently I am part of a team teaching specialist subjects and am privileged to teach music to all the children from Nursery to Year 6. I have devoted a great deal of my working life to this school and am pleased to be a staff representative. At HCPS we provide a happy, safe, caring and stimulating environment where we ensure all children feel valued as individuals and are encouraged to reach their full potential.
'Start the day with a smile and you are sure to end on a good note!' 

Favourite Children's book: 'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes.

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